Agricultural stone and lime

Natural materials to help your farm thrive.

Rohrer’s refinement plant is capable of producing any size product from 1/4″ down to a superfine material without needing to be burned in a kiln. Our lime provides the desirable neutralizing effect on acids in the soil for a longer period of time than burned lime, and our agricultural chip material can be made dry or with a naturally occurring, certified-organic magnesium chloride additive for dust control. Long story short: our ag lime is carefully calibrated to keep your soil’s pH balanced.

Quarry FAQs

Dry-lime is stored in an enclosed silo, while damp-lime is stored outside in the elements. Damp-lime has a higher moisture content.

No. We can deliver damp-lime products in a dump truck to your property, but we do not spread it. Additionally, all dry-lime products are delivered and spread by 3rd party spreaders.

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