ROHRER’S CONCRETE customers know they can expect prompt delivery of standard or specialized mixes with the newest components available such as fibers, color and chemical additives. We use cutting-edge technologies and equipment to customize our ready-mix concrete to match our customers’ needs.

Our state-of-the-art central-mix concrete plant can mix 12 cubic yards of concrete in 45 seconds. We also have a fully-enclosed, heated and ventilated plant. Advantages of this include:

  1. Consistent mixes
  2. Rapid mixing (200 cubic yards per hour)
  3. Large variety of mixes (zero slump to self-consolidating)
  4. Multiple aggregates and 2 types of cement allow unlimited blending possibilities
  5. National Ready Mix Concrete Association (NRMCA) approval
  6. Large waste oil heated water tank to supply warm concrete during cold weather

The dispatcher who takes the order consistently monitors the mix, sees the loading of trucks and makes sure each order is filled to your specifications. Our drivers are professionals with regular safety training and many years of experience with concrete construction. They keep our trucks clean and well maintained so they are always ready to perform as required. Our fleet of modern, radio-equipped trucks is capable of delivering 240 cubic yards of concrete per round trip. Many of the trucks are front discharge mixers – a design we helped introduce to our area – with extended reach and special mobility for accessing difficult construction areas with less work for us and expense for you.

Rohrer’s Quality Control technicians maintain consistent quality, help with the design of special mixes, and recommend alternative mixes. We can produce products such as flowable-fill, pervious concrete, lightweight concrete and exposed aggregate concrete. Mixes available can range from fine grout to 1-½” mass concrete.

Delivery Area

View Concrete Zone Map (pdf). These areas are subject to change depending on time and availability. Please call for details.


Orders & Delivery Questions: Call (717) 626-9750
Quantity Prices & Bids: Call Galen Weaver (717) 626-9774 or Fax (717) 626-6611
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Q: How much does 1 cubic yard of concrete weigh?
A: Approximately 4,000 pounds or 2 tons.

Q: How high are your trucks?
A: 13 feet and 6 inches.

Q: How far can your truck’s chutes reach?
A: The front discharge mixer can reach an approximate distance of 18 feet.

Seminars & Technical Assistance
We go beyond providing the best materials to also providing formal seminars and personal technical assistance on how to get the most out of our concrete products. The seminars we periodically offer feature trade experts who introduce the latest techniques and provide hands-on training.

Concrete Yardage Calculator
Download Material Safety Data Sheet for Concrete (pdf)
Download Business Credit Application (pdf)

Water to Cement Ratio
Making and Curing Concrete Test Cylinders
Fiber-Reinforced Concrete
Curing and Sealing Concrete
Hot Weather Concreting
Cold Weather Concreting

Protect Your New Concrete from Scaling In Winter
Freezing and thawing of concrete in the presence of deicer chemicals can cause concrete scaling. The deicers normally used do not attack concrete, but they create conditions that contribute to rapid freeze-thaw cycles that affect the concrete surface. Deicers that contain ammonium nitrate and ammonium sulfate fertilizers are chemically corrosive to concrete and should never be used. It is recommended that ice-removing salts should not be used on the concrete surface during the first winter, especially if the concrete was not placed until fall or winter. Homeowners should be aware that salt used on public roadways might affect sidewalks. The use of sealers can provide additional protection. This protection is especially important for exterior concrete that is placed after September 1. Contact the Lancaster County, PA supplier listed below for cost and availability of special sealers that can help protect concrete against deicer damage. Although concrete cannot be guaranteed against scaling, proper construction practices and careful use of deicers will reduce scaling problems.

Stephenson Equipment, Inc. (SEI)
1805 Newport Road
Ephrata, PA 17522
(717) 859-1840

Colored Concrete

Rohrer’s Quarry can customize your concrete mix prior to delivering on the job. You can create more attractive surfaces by selecting from our various concrete colors. View Color Chart (pdf).

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Rohrer’s Quarry stocks various aggregates to be used in exposed aggregate concrete for decorative sidewalks. Choices include ¾” & ½” Pea Gravel and ¾” & ½” River Jack.

Precast Concrete Retaining Wall Blocks

Rohrer’s Quarry produces interlocking blocks for the construction of retaining walls and storage bins. The blocks are 3′, 4′ or 6′ long by 2′ high and 2′ wide. We also have corner blocks, smooth-sided blocks and several decorative patterns available.