ROHRER’S QUARRY Agricultural Lime Plant is fully automated. Our technicians in our on-site laboratory constantly test gradation and calcium content to assure materials meet or exceed quality guarantees. We also produce lime chip material for fertilizer filler and special sorbent material needed in coal burning electric co-generation (power plant) facilities for pollution control.

Our plant is capable of producing any product with a finished size from 1 ½” down to a material fine enough to be used on fields without the need to burn it in a kiln. Our lime provides the desirable neutralizing effect on acids in the soil for a longer period of time than burned lime.

Additionally, our agricultural chip material can be made dry or with an additive for dust control. We have material stored in reserve for seasonal peak demands.


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Q: What is the difference between dry and damp lime?
A: Dry lime is stored in a silo and loaded into an enclosed bulk tanker. Damp lime is stored outside.